Licensing Law

Licensing law in the United Kingdom affects not only pubs, clubs and restaurants. The laws, which are different in Scotland from England and Wales, cover any outlet which sells alcohol; provides public entertainment, such as live music, theatre or cinema; or sells hot food or drink after 11 pm.

This means outlets such as:

• Restaurants
• Late-night takeaways
• Off licences
• Convenience stores
• Hotels and guesthouses
• Village or community halls
• Theatres
• Concert halls and music venues
• Indoor sports venues and centres
• Pleasure boats and other vessels
• Members’ clubs
• Cinemas
• Pubs and bars
• Nightclubs
• Supermarkets

Any of these premises used for the sale of alcohol will require a premises licence, and anyone who sells or authorises the sale of alcohol must have a personal licence.

Training to avoid breaches of the law is a great deal cheaper than fines or lawyers!

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